Opendoor – Streamlining Sales Commissions and Back-Office Operations for Door-to-Door Sales Teams

No matter how efficient your sales program is or how effective your sales reps are; your entire effort goes to waste if it is not backed by a strong back-office process. Lost orders, incomplete follow-through or delays in order processing and provisioning are just a few of the challenges that can derail your sales program. If a sales rep isn’t getting paid on time and accurately, they are going to stop selling and move on to the next project. Studies show that when a customer receives a call within a couple of hours of placing an order, it increases a customer’s confidence in an organization and their loyalty.

The Opendoor Sales Solution provides a turn-key sales management solution that makes the back-office hum. Using Opendoor, orders are captured in the field on mobile devices and are automatically transmitted to the back-office. Processing teams immediately jump into action processing orders and updating the status in the Opendoor system. Sales reps in the field receive immediate notification on the status of their orders. At the end to the day, a permissions-based access allows sales managers to search, view and edit a consolidated history of all orders of their team. With integrated standard reporting, you can report on sales activity by business unit, sales manager or sales rep. Sales managers can keep a track of their reps in terms of when they worked, number of doors knocked, contacts made and sales made from on and off-turf leads. At the end of the month, commission reporting is a snap.

Realtime Results also offers a dedicated back-office order processing team that is expert in the Opendoor process. They’ve handled hundreds of thousands of orders for our clients. This option gives you a proven, turn-key system that simply works.

Contact  us today to learn more about Opendoor and how it can help to streamline your back-office operations.

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